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The Story of Daniel In The Pit Of Lions

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The Story of Daniel In The Pit Of Lions

The Story of Daniel In The Pit Of Lions

The story of Daniel In The Pit of Lions has been an illustrative and educative story in the bible which showed that God really exist and his is faithful to his promises. That whoever believes and serves him with his whole heart, without doubt will not only be saved but will always be vindicated from any false accusation, persecution, etc. 

In this article, we will be discussing the full story of Daniel in the pit of lions.

A day came when king Darius the Mede who seized and took over the kingdom and royal power of King Belshazzar of the Babylonia, son of king Nebuchadnezzar the night he died decided to appoint a total number of hundred and twenty (120) new governors to look after the affairs of his kingdom. After the selection of the first hundred and twenty governors, King Darius went further and chose three more people that will supervise the hundred and twenty governors of whom Daniel was one of them. He also assigned Daniel and the two other supervisors to look after his personal affairs.

So, as time went on, the king decided to make Daniel the manager of the entire kingdom due to his diligence and honesty but this made other supervisors and governors to be envious of him. They started looking for a way to accuse and condemn his administration but all their efforts proved abortive because Daniel was innocent.

When they saw that all their plans to accuse and get rid of him didn't work, these enemies of Daniel started looking for another way to trap him. This time, they all gathered and said to each other; "We are not going to find anything to accuse him, unless it's something that has to do with his religion."

Later, they all went to king Darius and told him what they have decided. They told the king to make a law forbidding people to pray or request anything from any god or man within the next thirty days except to the king only. King Darius agreed and inforced the law ( The Law Of Medes and Persians) which connot be changed.

Daniel learned about this new law and went ahead and prayed to God three times daily as he usually does. 

So, when these people learnt that Daniel was praying to his God, they all went back to the king and reported him. Daniel was arrested and thrown into a pit of lions as it was written in the law.

King Darius wasn't pleased and in support of the decision of throwing Daniel into the lions pit but he succumbed due to what was already written in the law which he approved.

But at the end, God vindicated Daniel by making the lions to be friendly with him.The almighty God shut the lions' mouth.

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Early the next morning, king Darius rushed to the lions pit where Daniel was thrown to see if he was still alive. He called Daniel and to his greatest astonishment, Daniel answered and said; May Your Majesty live forever! God sent his angel to shut the lions' mouths so that they would not harm me. He did this because he knew that I was innocent and have done you no wrong."

When King Darius heard this he was so happy and ordered them to bring Daniel out of the pit. He then gave order for those people who had accused Daniel to be thrown into the pit of lions alongside their wives and children. 

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